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poetry stalled

Poet Ted Jackson takes life by the horns and makes things happen. With his freshly printed book of verse, he stages a grand reading. Anticipating accolades, he stops at a pub beforehand to boast about his talent and imminent fame. But his delusional arrogance steers him to commit a desperate act, and he realizes he's not the literary genius he claims to be.

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rising forests

Rising Forests is an educational outreach video shot along the Dominican Republic-Haiti border for the Tree Bank Hispaniola project.


From San Quentin's death row, a convicted killer tells the gripping, tragic story of his life and crimes. When the day of his execution arrives, something extraordinary happens and the line between life and death isn't so clear.

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Many who plunge into the depths of heroin addiction end up with an obituary. End of story. But when there's one slim chance left, a few grab hold, escape destruction and are transformed. 

Bird Call

In the spirit of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone, and Alfred Hitchcock mysteries, short film Bird Call tells the story of a common, unnoticed sign that contains a simple message with a grave outcome. When finally realized, it strikes terror of what's unavoidably to come.



A grungy, hard rock band has 12 hours to record, mix and deliver their best tune to a songwriting competition and a chance to win the $10,000 Grand Prize! Their studio recording session begins with good vibes and high-fives, but soon devolves into chaotic, drug-addled mayhem as egos explode and the deadline looms. (Click “Watch Film” button, password: 69)